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Graduate School: A Brief Guide

graduation cap and diploma If you are considering a graduate program don't take the decision lightly. Reflect on your professional goals and skills; reflect on the fact that graduate school will require a huge commitment - your energy, your money, your time. Consider that several careers will require an advanced degree, while other professions will not. Be aware of the differences between academic settings: while your undergraduate major is a broad introduction to a given field, a graduate program will provide a specialization - a plus in the global job market. Be aware that graduate school will demand a great amount of reading, research and writing. Is this type of commitment right for you? Can you manage multiple papers and scholarly tasks at once? Are you organized? Is you current GPA at least 3.0?

Due to the nature of the International Studies curriculum at Fredonia, those who earn a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies will have a variety of options to consider regarding graduate programs. Recent Fredonia graduates with a degree in International Studies have been admitted to graduate schools around the country in fields such as international affairs; international development; public policy; national security studies; history; Latin American studies; and international education.

While all universities will provide detailed information about their graduate programs, I encourage you to start your plans by visiting this comprehensive website.

For more infomation about Fredonia's Graduate Programs, visit Graduate Studies at Fredonia.




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