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margaret meadAs the traveler who has once been from home is wiser than he who has never left his own doorstep, so a knowledge of one other culture should sharpen our ability to scrutinize more steadily, to appreciate more lovingly, our own. (Margaret Mead, 1901-1978, U.S. cultural anthropologist.)


Study Abroad Opportunities
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The Fredonia Office of Study Abroad Programs is ready to assist you in the selection of an overseas academic program that will fit your curriculum and your interests. There is a variety of choices for academic semesters, summer sessions and J-Terms abroad. The Office of Study Abroad is located at LoGrasso Hall. Click here to get there.

Please note that a valid passport is required for foreign travel. U.S. citizens can apply for a passport at post office branches, including those in our area - Dunkirk & Fredonia. The cost is around $ 120 and the entire process may take 8 weeks.

Why Study Abroad?


US passportThere is much to gain from an academic experience abroad. Your course of study at Fredonia will be enhanced as you learn about politics and culture of a foreign country, thus allowing you to make informed comparisons between United States and other nations. Study abroad programs look very impressive on resumes, and therefore you will stand out in the job market. Knowledge of international affairs is becoming an indispensable tool in a globalized world. According to a 2004 Harvard University report “in a fast-changing world, students urgently need knowledge of a wider range of subjects, and a far greater grasp of international affairs”. The report stresses that a global marketplace demands an internationally competent force; that powerful economic, technological, demographic and geopolitical trends demand that all citizens have a global fluency; and finally that dealing with the biggest threats to peace and stability – poverty, environmental degradation, HIV-AIDS and terrorism – requires increased knowledge of other cultures and languages. According to the Financial Times, “knowledge of the world is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity”. Study abroad is not vacation time. These are rigorous programs that integrate several academic subjects - History, Political Science, Economics, Geography and Languages, among others - in which students are required to attend class activities, conduct research and submit assignments. Several programs include study trips to relevant cultural sites in the country you are studying. This is a comprehensive learning experience, as you will also acquire new tastes in music, arts and gastronomy. Plan in advance for your overseas academic program. Enjoy the journey!

Explore The World!

Fulbright Programs: Study, Research and Teach English Abroad

Study Abroad in China

Study Spanish in Mexico at Universidad Internacional

Study Spanish in Uruguay

Study Spanish in Spain

Study Portuguese in Brazil at Universidade Mackenzie

Study French in Quebec, Canada at McGill University, Montreal

Study Critical Languages with a U.S. Government Grant

The department of World Languages & Cultures at Fredonia offers courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Chinese.

Studying Foreign Languages: Why?

Excerpt from "Plurilingual Teaching Across the Curriculum", by Julian Hermida, Algoma University, Canada

Learning a plurality of languages has become an essential component of education in a globalized world. The benefits are multifold. Language determines the way in which we understand reality. Language is a system of representation for perception and thinking. So, learning a discipline in a second language enables learners to achieve a degree of depth which cannot be achieved when learning in only one language (Bowden & Marton, 2004). Knowledge of more than one language is also crucial to compete with graduates from universities in Europe and other parts of the world that have extensive foreign and second language policy programs. For example, the Council of Europe adopted policy that recommends its member states to adopt a plurilingual approach to education at all levels. Within this framework, authorities have to ensure that language instruction is fully integrated within the core of the educational aims of universities and to consider and treat each language in the curriculum not in isolation but as part of a coherent plurilingual education for all students across the entire curriculum (Council of Europe, 2008). A plurilingual education also fosters an increase in awareness and sensitivity for multicultural issues (Haigh, 2009).

Grant Opportunities for Study Abroad Programs

Boren Awards for International Study

Turkish-American Relations

Asia Fellowships

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Where in the world is...?

During the Spring, Summer and Fall semesters of 2015, International Studies majors and minors embarked on a variety of learning journeys in foreign lands. They went to Great Britain, France, Russia, Mexico, Japan and Taiwan. Start planning now your study abroad program - either a J-Term, a summer session or an entire academic semester. It will be an unforgettable experience!




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