COIL for Faculty

Collaborative Online International Learning

Internationalize the Curriculum by COILing your Course!

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) brings together Fredonia faculty with international colleagues to co-create opportunities for their students to collaborate via online technologies, as part of the face-to-face classroom experience.

COIL Course Orientation

The COIL Course Orientation (CCO) is a fully online set of modules completed over 5 weeks to prepare faculty members for partnering and COILing a course.
Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours per week for 5 weeks. CCOs are selective and are held primarily in the summer break periods. 

Once a faculty member completes a CCO, they can use the SUNY Coil Networks to create a profile and find a partner within the SUNY COIL Global Network.  The partnering process is the primary means by which faculty can apply for one of the funded COIL opportunities.


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COIL Grant Opportunities

The COIL Course Orientation is required to take part in any of the three COIL grant opportunities, which vary from semester to semester. Faculty from all disciplines are eligible: 

USA-Mexico Multistate COIL Program – includes workshop and partner visits in Cuernavaca, Mexico. 
(MENA) Stephens Initiative – includes workshop in Beirut, Lebanon to partner with colleagues in Lebanon, Egypt, and Morocco. 
Fall Academy – includes workshop in New York state and Conference support.