Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Programs Requirements

Requirements for Majors in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Program

1. Each student who chooses a major program is advised by the program coordinator or a member of the cadre of faculty from the lead department for each major.
2. For students who pursue an individualized major, formal completion and submission of the degree plan proposal must be approved by the Interim Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
3. All students in these major programs must complete the university's requirements for the College Core Curriculum and earn the number of credit hours required outside of the major.
4. A maximum of 45 credit hours in any one discipline may count toward the 120 credit hours total required for the baccalaureate.
5. The proposed major must constitute at least 36 credit hours of which no more than 15 credit hours may come from one discipline. At least 24 of those 36 credit hours must be at the 300-400 level.
6. A minimum of 36 credit hours of 300-400 level courses must be included overall in the 120 hours required for graduation.

Requirements for the Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies

An Interdisciplinary Studies minor is a group of six to nine courses centering on a topic or problem studied from many different points of view. Each minor may be studied in combination with any major. At present, interdisciplinary minors are available in:
* American Studies
* Dance Studio Administration
* Environmental Studies
* Ethnic Studies
* Film Studies
* Geographic Information Systems
* International Studies
* Italian Studies
* Leadership Studies
* Legal Studies
* Museum Studies
* Public Health
* Religious Studies
* Russian, East-European, and Eurasian Studies
* Self-Design
* Statistics
* Web Programming
* Women's and Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Office

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