Requirements for the Minor in American Indian Studies Program

Required: 21 credit hours from the following, beginning with Introduction to Ethnicity and Race (HIST 220). Students declaring a minor may use past courses retroactively after consultation with the coordinator.

NOTE: Requirements may differ according to date of enrollment.

Required Course (3 credit hours):
INDS 220/HIST 220 Intro. to Ethnicity and Race

Core Courses: (9 credit hours)
INDS 105 Introduction to American Indian Studies
Minors must take one course in both Literature and History.

ENGL 242/INDS 242 Introduction to American Indian Literature

History: One course from the following choices:
HIST 282 Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America
HIST 283 Revolution and Reform in Latin America
HIST 289 Comparative North America
HIST 325 Colonial America
HIST 356 American Indian History
HIST 358 Twentieth Century American Indian Issues
HIST 380 Pre-Columbian/Colonial Mexico
HIST 381 Mexico in the Modern World

Electives (6 credit hours):
ANTH 321 Anthropology of Indian America
ANTH 350 Prehistory of North America (Special Topics)
ART 229 American Indian Art Studio I
SOC 316 Minority Groups
Credited with approval from coordinator:
EDU 305 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom
EDU 313 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity - Field Experience
HIST 340 The Western Movement

Proposed courses include American Indian Literature in Translation, American Indian Poetry, and American Indian in Film.

Capstone Course: (3 credit hours)

INDS 404 Independent Study
INDS 492 American Indian Studies Internship

Courses offered as Special Topics can be credited toward the minor with approval from coordinator of the American Indian Studies minor.

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