University Fact Book Fall 2007

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Each year the Office of Institutional Research and Planning prepares and distributes individual academic data summaries and reports regarding many different facets of academic affairs. The presented statistics represent the current status as well as historical trends of various academic campus indicators. Many are distillations of more detailed reports prepared for the SUNY Central Office, the federal government, and other external agencies. Others were developed to assist management in planning decisions, budget narratives and press releases.

The University Fact Book provides in a single source a compilation of those reports which are frequently referred to by department chairs, administrators, and others who have need of quantitative academic information about the University. Intended to serve as a planning tool as well as a general source of academic information about Fredonia, the University Fact Book is published annually.

This publication is divided into three major sections: Part I - Institutional Data Summaries provides academic data presentations by subject area across the institution; Part II - Departmental Data Summaries presents statistical academic data summaries for each academic department; and Part III - Interdisciplinary Studies Data Summaries which displays key academic data regarding students with a major in one of the Interdisciplinary Studies programs.

James F. Calarco, Ph.D.
Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Table of Contents

Dr. Xiao Zhang, Director

Rajeev Indira Nagaraju, I R and Assessment Associate

Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment

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