Survey of Student Perception of Learning (SSPL)

The Survey of Student Perception of Learning (SSPL) is a tool implemented by the Division of Academic Affairs to better understand how students perceive their educational experiences in the classroom. The purpose of this data collection effort is to have a set of institution-wide data related to students’ learning experiences. This is separate from course evaluations that faculty administer in their courses. Faculty Senate approved the pilot of the SSPL on Dec. 6th, 2010.

The SSPL is a 7-question online survey, and serves as a quick and easy way for students to provide feedback. Because every course is different, it is important that students complete the survey for each course in which they are enrolled. As with course evaluations, students will only complete the SSPL for courses in which the enrollment is 5 or greater.

Administration of the SSPL occurs online through the Digital Measures platform during the last week of classes. Students receive an email invitation with a link to log in to the site with their e-services username and password. While accessing the survey requires students to log in, the data for each course is collected anonymously and no individual responses can be tied to identifying information (e.g., students’ email addresses). Data will not be available to review until after final grades have been submitted; at that point faculty can view the data for their courses through the Digital Measures platform.

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment is coordinating this data collection opportunity.

Dr. Xiao Zhang, Director

Rajeev Indira Nagaraju, I R and Assessment Associate

Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment

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State University of New York at Fredonia
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