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Honors House Interns, 2016-17

Jessica Lioy

Lillian Markley

Honors House Interns, 2015-16

Julliana Grabowski

Ken Starr

Honors House Interns, 2014-15

Julliana Grabowski

Ken Starr

Honors House Interns, 2013-14

Amanda Buzard

Jacob Schermerhorn

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What is the Honors House?

The Honors House at Fredonia exists to expand the classroom experience by integrating learning through campus and community engagement. Students will have opportunities to be in an environment with other students who like academic challenges and to enrich their learning through special programs with faculty and staff, visiting speakers, cultural activities and events, service projects, and shared meals.


  • A fulfilling residence hall experience designed to support student learning
  • Develop relationships with a group of students who are serious about learning
  • Work and learn from faculty members across campus
  • Participate in opportunities for learning outside the classroom

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • actively participate in at least five planned events per semester
  • demonstrate an open attitude to learning opportunities outside the classroom
  • show respect toward each other and grow together as a group

How To Apply for The Honors Houses for Students Entering in the Fall 2017

To indicate your preference for Honors housing, students must complete a two step process.

  1. Students must agree to the principles and expectations outlined in the Honors House Learning Contract.
  2. Students will then complete the housing questionnaire through the New Student page of the Office of Residence Life. After logging to "Your Connection," select "MyHousing." Within the application select option number 2 and please indicate "yes" for question 2, "Are you a student in the Honors Program who would like to live in Honors Housing?"

After you have completed the New Student Application and agreed to the Honors House Learning Contract, you will be placed into the Honors House located in Hemingway Hall. All correspondence regarding room selection or other housing questions should be directed to the Office of Residence Life at reslife@fredonia.edu or 716-673-3341.

FAQ section

  • What style of residence hall?
  • How many meetings/frequency?
    • Biweekly meetings and planned events: faculty dinners, performances, off-campus trips, and other learning opportunities.
  • Do I have to be in the Honors House if I’m in the Honors Program?
    • No, the Honors House is an added opportunity as part of the Honors Program. Students
  • Is this housing opportunity open to all students or just freshmen?
    • The Honors House is open to all Honors students. First-year students are encouraged to apply to the Honors House as a way to connect with other students in the program and to help foster a culture of learning.



Honors Program

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