The Honors Program

Interim Director

During the spring 2016 semester, Dr. Alexander Caviedes from the Department of Politics and International Affairs will serve as the interim director of the Honors Program. If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact Dr. Caviedes via email or by phone at 716-673-4672

Message from the Director


I want to welcome you to the honors program! We currently have over 300 honors students on campus, majoring in nearly every degree program the university offers. And with each new first-year class, the honors program only grows stronger, making it one of the most exciting and academically rewarding programs at Fredonia. During the spring 2016 semester, please contact Dr. Alex Caviedes about the Honors Program.

Dr. David Kinkela

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Honors StudentsThe honors program challenges and supports student learning through a series of specially designed seminars. Each seminar offers a unique educational experience, enabling students to work with some of the finest faculty members on campus in a small class setting. Honors students take four seminars, ideally within their freshman and sophomore years, which fulfill part of the university’s general education requirements. We offer courses in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences. Students are also encouraged to participate in the honors colloquium and to take part in the many organized learning experiences outside of the classroom.

The program is compatible with any college major. Each honors seminar fulfills a general education requirement and substitutes for an ordinary general education course. Students graduate with Honors in Liberal Education.

Learning Objectives and Requirements

Honors students will:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence
  • Explore multiple disciplinary approaches to problem solving
  • Participate in Colloquium and other Honors learning experiences beyond the classroom
  • Complete at least four Honors seminars
  • Maintain at least an overall 3.3 GPA

Dr. David Kinkela or Julie Sticek
College of Arts and Science
Ph: 716-673-3174

Honors Program

Thompson Hall, E314
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063