Xin Fan 范鑫

Xin Fan 范鑫

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Indiana University, 2013

E317 Thompson Hall
Office Phone: (716)-673-3880

Research Interests:

I am a historian of modern China with a strong interest in world history. In my work, I am fascinated by three general issues in historiography and intellectual history in a world-historical context: What is the relationship between past and present in a modern society? What is the relationship between foreign knowledge and indigenous intellectual tradition in a country where nationalism increasingly plays a dominant role in shaping its political consciousness? And how have cultural, social and political conditions affected the production of knowledge in a non-Western society such as China’s during the twentieth century? With these questions in mind, I have developed a broad interest in issues of knowledge production, which includes the sociology of knowledge, postcolonial theory, and recent developments in world and global history.


• “First World War Historiography 1918-today (China),” in 1914-1918-online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, edit. Oliver Janz et al. (peer-reviewed and scheduled to be published in 2014) (c.a. 4,500 words)

• “The Lost Intellectual Autonomy: State, Society, and Historical Writing in Republican China,” Berliner China-Hefte/Chinese History and Society 43 (2013): 64-76.

• "Gu Jiegang and the Creation of Chinese Historical Geography," Chinese Historical Review 17 (Fall 2010) 2: 193-218.

Teaching Interests:

  • Chinese History
  • Late Imperial China
  • Twentieth-Century China
  • American Images of China
  • East Asian Traditions
  • Modern East Asia
  • World History Since 1500

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