Markus Vink


Markus Vink

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1998

E318 Thompson Hall
Office Phone: 716/673-3882

Research Interests: My current research focuses on Afro-Eurasia in the early modern period in general, and the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic and Indian Ocean World (IOW) and southeast India in particular, including issues such as cross-cultural encounters; slavery and slave trade; religion and religious relations; trade, diplomacy, and international law; community and caste formation; and representation.

Teaching Interests: I specialize in Early Modern Europe; Early Modern Asia; World History; the Dutch Republic; South Asia; Southeast Asia; European Expansion; Cross-Cultural Encounters; and the Dutch East India Company. I teach the following courses:

  • HIST 101 World History I
  • HIST 102 World History II
  • HIST 115 Western Civilization I
  • HIST 116 Western Civilization II
  • HIST 201 Doing History
  • HIST 268 History of South Asia
  • HIST 321 The Dutch Republic, 1500-1800
  • HIST 386 Cross-Cultural Encounters
  • HIST 399 Flying Dutchmen: The Dutch East India Company, 1602-1799
  • HIST 499 Honors Seminar: The Dutch Golden Age, 1600-1700
  • HIST 623 Reading Seminar in World History
  • HIST 633 Research Seminar in World History
  • HIST 670 Curriculum Development Project

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