Jacqueline Swansinger


Jacqueline Swansinger

Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1988


E311 Thompson Hall
Office Phone: 716/673-3881
E-mail: jacqueline.swansinger@fredonia.edu

New York Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2000

My research focuses on international relations and the formation of foreign policy in the modern period. I am fascinated by the way factors such as economic, political, social, and cultural domestic trends affect individual actors and create change. Presently, I am working on the influence of Stephen Girard on the creation of economic instruments and institutions during the Revolutionary and early national period.

Teaching is usually a facet of my research. I teach courses in American foreign policy, the American style of war, including Vietnam and Iraq, the modern Middle East, and world history. I am strongly committed to critical thinking, analysis, and writing.

Courses I have taught

HIST 342 American Diplomatic History, 1896-present
HIST 391 American Military History, 1800-1945,
HIST 332 US History: Interwar Years, 1919-1940,
HIST 350 Vietnam and Growth of the National Security State,
HIST 332 American Century
HIST 399 Cold War in International Context,

Honors Course: America and Vietnam

HIST 261 Islamic Civilization
HIST 361 Modern Middle East
HIST 102 World History 1500-present
HIST 399 World in the Twentieth Century
HIST 386 Global Encounters.

Graduate Courses: Readings in World History; Research in American History

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