Mary Beth Sievens


Mary Beth Sievens

Professor and Chair
Ph.D., Boston University, 1997

E313 Thompson Hall
Office Phone: 716/673-4665

Research Interests: My current research focuses on gender relations and marriage in the Early Republic, with special focus on the relationship/contradictions between husbands' and wives' legal status and their lived experience.

Publications: Stray Wives: Marital Conflict in Early National New England (New York University Press, 2005)

Teaching Interests: I teach courses specializing in Early American History, American Women's History, and Adolescent Social Studies Education Methods. In the past, I have taught the following courses:

  • HIST 105 United States History to 1877
  • HIST 327 Antebellum U.S.
  • HIST 328 Civil War Era
  • HIST 335 American Women
  • HIST 341 From Revolution to Republic
  • EDU 419 Adolescence Social Studies Teaching Methods

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