Peter McCord


Peter McCord

Co-ordinator, Social Studies Education Program

Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 2003

W331 Thompson Hall
Office Phone: 716/673-3522

Dr. McCord is the program coordinator for Social Studies Education and a Visiting Assistant Professor of History at the State University of New York at Fredonia. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Penn State University (1989, with Honors), and M.S. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin (1992) and a Ph.D. in American History at the University of California at Riverside (2003).


His research agenda includes the following:

The Blockade in the Civil War, with co-author Michael Bonner, under contract with the University of Tennessee Press, in progress.

“Crop Destruction and Defoliation: Building Technological Counterinsurgency in Vietnam from 1961-1963,” in progress.

“Reassessment of the Union Blockade’s Effectiveness in the Civil War,” The North Carolina Historical Review, Volume 88, No. 4, October 2011.

“Divergences on the Left: The Environmentalisms of Rachel Carson and Murray Bookchin,” Left History, Issue 13, Volume 1, Spring/Summer 2008.


Dr. McCord teaches or has taught the following courses:

HIST 106 U.S. History II
HIST 133 American Cultures
HIST 135 World Cultures
HIST 332 U.S. History since 1945
HIST 350 Vietnam and the National Security State
HIST 394 Globalization

HIST 398 The Second World War
HIST 399 The First World War
HIST 432 The Sixties

HNRS 229 1968 in the West

SSED 205 Economics for Social Studies Educators

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