Faculty and Staff


  • Najia Aarim, Associate Professor, Ethnic and Racial Minorities in American History and Comparative Immigration History
  • John Arnold, Associate Professor, Ancient and Medieval History
  • Steven Fabian, Associate Chair, Associate Professor, African History
  • Xin Fan, Assistant Professor, East Asian History
  • Nancy L. Hagedorn, Associate Professor, Early America, Atlantic World, Native American History
  • Jennifer Hildebrand, Associate Professor, African American History and Culture
  • David Kinkela, Associate Professor, Environmental History and U.S. History in the World
  • Janet Larkin, Visiting Assistant Professor, U.S. History
  • Ellen Litwicki, Professor, American Cultural History
  • Eileen Lyon, Professor, Modern European and British History
  • Peter McCord, Social Studies Education Program Co-ordinator, Lecturer, 20th century U.S. and Global History
  • Joni Pobedinsky, Adjunct Instructor, U.S. History and African American History
  • Mary Beth Sievens, Department Chair, Professor, Early American and American Women's History
  • John Staples, Professor, Russian History
  • A. Jacqueline Swansinger, Professor, U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Markus Vink, Professor, World History and the history of the Indian Ocean

Emeritus Faculty

  • Timothy R. Allan, Visiting Professor
  • George Browder, Professor
  • William Graebner, Professor
  • Julian McQuiston, Professor
  • Thomas E. Morrissey, Distinguished Teaching Professor
  • W. Dirk Raat, Professor Emeritus


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