Science Learning, M.S.

  • Science Education


Departmental Requirements for Admission to the Program without Deficiencies:

  • BS degree in biology, chemistry, earth science, physics or related science with requisite evidence of training and motivation necessary to succeed in graduate study.  
  • Appropriate supporting science background to include math and cognate science courses 
  • Two letters of recommendation 


Dr. Holly Lawson
Program Coordinator

Department of Science Education Website

This MS program is intended for who are interested in education but who do not seek New York State certification. The curriculum includes education, literacy, science education and science content courses in the areas of biology, chemistry, geology and physics. Candidates for this program include professionals interested in teaching at informal settings, international students who intend to teach outside of the United States and other professionals interested in gaining the skills associated with teaching and learning

Program Outline

Foundations of Education

EDU 502 Psychology of Adolescence
EDU 508 Teaching Diverse Learners in Inclusive Settings 
One course from the following:
EDU Current Issues & Problems in Education
EDU Special Topics (upon advisement)


EDU 528 Technology in the Schools
EDU 586 Content Area Literacy

Science Methods

EDU 560 Science Teaching Methods I
EDU 660 Science Teaching Methods II

Science Content Courses

Science content Electives from offerings in biology, chemistry, geoscience, physics, science or science education upon advisement

Capstone Project 

SCED  690 Graduate Research Project in Science Learning  
Students will engage in an independent capstone project with advisement from the student’s graduate committee (faculty from science and science education).  Projects could be:

  • Research papers on areas such as comparative curriculum, comparative instruction or comparative teacher practice. 

  • Comprehensive literature reviews on specific pedagogies, problem areas or interventions.

  • Self-studies of practice as teaching assistants in science courses on campus. 

All projects will be written up using a basic thesis format and the project will be presented to the student’s graduate committee upon completion of the study.

Total Credit Hours for Program Completion: 30