Graduate Studies: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Prospective Student FAQs

Q. What are the deadlines for application?

A.  Applications must be submitted online, postmarked, or personally delivered by the close of business on the following dates:

  • J-Term & Spring Semesters: November 1
  • Summer & Fall Semesters: April 1
  • Speech-Language Pathology: February 1

Q. Are applications accepted after the published deadlines?

A.  Yes, we will accept applications up to two weeks prior to the beginning of the desired admission term.  A late fee of $25 will be assessed.

Q. When should I start preparing my graduate application?

A.  Students should begin application preparation at least 4 weeks in advance of the application deadline. 

Q. May I apply to graduate study before completing my undergraduate degree?

A.  Yes, you may submit an undergraduate transcript that shows coursework in progress.  However, you must submit a final transcript that shows your degree conferral date when it is available. 

Q. What is the application fee?

A. The fee for applications submitted by the published deadline is $75.  The fee for applications submitted after the deadline is $100 ($25 late fee).

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. We accept credit/debit card payments (restrictions may apply), and checks or money orders made out to 'Fredonia.'  We do not accept cash payments.  Money orders may be purchased from the campus credit union, located in the Williams Center.

 Q. What is the Statement of Intent? 

A. Your statement of intent is a one-page (minimum) document explaining your academic goals and how you expect Fredonia to help you meet these goals.  A strong statement of intent will also showcase your talents and experiences that make you an attractive candidate for graduate study at Fredonia.  It is always a good idea for a trusted colleague, friend, or family member to proofread your statement.  We expect a high-quality, grammatically correct statement from our applicants.

Q. Is the Statement of Intent the same thing as the English writing sample or the TESOL essays?

A. No.  Please see the Additional Department Requirements section for more information about these documents.

Q. May I submit my credentials file from my campus Career Development Office to fulfill the recommendation letter requirement?

A. The preferred method for submitting recommendations is online, as part of your online application submission.  You may have your credential file sent to Fredonia as part of your graduate application, but you must have two of the people who contributed recommendations to your file submit the required scholarly criteria form to our office.

Q. My chosen referee prefers to submit a paper recommendation.  Is this allowed?

A. We accept online or paper recommendations.  If a paper recommendation letter is submitted, the required scholarly criteria form must accompany it.

Q. What does it mean if I waive my right to review recommendations submitted on my behalf?

A. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Public Law 93-380), effective November 19, 1974 (as amended by Public Law 93-568, Buckley Amendment) is intended to ensure students the right to inspect, review, and control access to student educational records maintained by an educational institution.  You may choose to waive this right in regard to reviewing recommendation letters submitted on your behalf.

Q. Is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) required for admission to graduate programs at Fredonia?

A. The GRE is required for students seeking admission to the Master of Science in Biology and the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology programs.

Q. Do I have to submit transcripts...

...for coursework for which transfer credit has been awarded at Fredonia?

...for coursework taken as a high school student?

...previously submitted to Fredonia during the undergraduate admissions process?

A. You must submit official transcripts for all institutions you have attended, except Fredonia. This includes coursework for which transfer credit has been awarded and coursework taken as a high school student (if college credit was awarded). You must submit transcripts even if you previously submitted them to Fredonia during the undergraduate admissions process.

Q. I have not yet completed my undergraduate degree.  Do I still need to submit a transcript?

A. Yes, you may submit an official undergraduate transcript that shows coursework in progress.  However, you must submit a final official transcript that shows your degree conferral date when it is available. 

Q. What additional departmental requirements must I complete as part of my graduate application?

A. Additional departmental requirements are as follows:

  • English (all programs): 8-20 page graduate-level essay. 
  • TESOL: Two essays -- one in English and one in a language other than English (LOTE). 

Q. Where can I find information about on- and off-campus housing?

A. Please contact our Residence Life Office (Phone: (716) 673-3341).

Q. What kind of financial aid is available to graduate students?

A. While there is less direct student aid available to graduate students as compared to undergraduate students, there are still opportunities to fund your graduate education prudently.  Our financial aid counselors can help find opportunities for you; in addition, our funding page will highlight local, regional opportunities to offset your tuition as well as other external links for funding.

Q. Are there web resources I can use to research financial aid options?

A. Please see the following websites:

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