Why GIS?

GIS lab
Lori Pope at work
during GIS lab
(Houghton 122)

Why GIS?

  • A Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in GIS compliments any Liberal Arts Major
  • Students from virtually all majors have minored in GIS
  • Students have gone on to jobs and graduate school in their respective disciplines...with an advantage...they have both an appreciation for the importance of a geographic perspective and hands-on experience with a sophisticated computer technology and analytic method

...at Fredonia?

The objective of the GIS minor here at Fredonia is to provide an interdisciplinary educational experience that prepares undergraduate students to use GIS within their chosen fields of study.

There are several things that set Fredonia's program apart:

  • The curriculum in this minor is multidisciplinary in content and interdisciplinary in approach, drawing on a variety of disciplines and departments Our faculty and students are a diverse group. It is not uncommon to have biology, English, history, and computer science majors - among others - in the same class and be taught by a geoscientist. This diversity has helped our students develop a greater awareness of what can be done with GIS.
  • We firmly believe in a hands-on approach; not just in terms of using the software, but, more importantly, how to develop your own project from start to finish, including the interpretation and analysis. Students are also exposed to a variety of GIS software solutions, so that they are better prepared for what may be encountered on the job and/or in graduate school.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office

230 Jewett Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
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