Revised General Education Program Guidelines V. The Humanities

For approval of a course in the Humanities section, the instructor will provide a comprehensive description of the course, addressing its aims and general requirements, including:

  1. evidence that the course presents general ideas and ethical principles basic to the field of study including:
    1. the historical development of the knowledge, methods, and conventions of the discipline;
    2. disagreements and conflicting values within the field;
    3. the extent to which the academic discipline is related to other fields of study;
    4. basic research techniques used in the discipline;
  2. evidence that the course requires discussions, written assignments, and/or oral presentations that facilitate improvement of student skills, including critical thinking and critical literacy, in the following areas:
    1. analysis of critical and ethical issues in the discipline;
    2. identification, evaluation, construction, and support of logical arguments;
    3. performance of basic research techniques in the discipline;
    4. technological expertise appropriate to the discipline
  3. a brief description of the methods to be used to assess student understanding of the course's subject matter and student attainment of the abilities and understandings listed above, as well as a method for providing for course improvement.

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