Sustainability For Students


Are you interested in helping to build a “bright green future” (Steffen) at Fredonia and its surrounding communities? Would you like to connect sustainability coursework to your interests, your passions and real world situations? Working with the campus’s Sustainability Committee, Fredonia’s Academic Community Engagement Center (FACE) is a resource for connecting students with community sustainability partners. Our website provides information on how to take action in the community through service learning courses, internships, and other opportunities.


Semester-long and summer internships provide exciting opportunities to help local sustainability minded organizations while honing skills learned in the classroom. Whether you’re interested in learning about community supported agriculture, doing marketing and design work for environmental agencies, compiling a taxa biodiversity inventory, developing and teaching nature programs or helping to build stronger, greener communities, there's a local agency ready to nurture your sustainability interests and skills. For more information about sustainability internships, contact the FACE Sustainability Coordinator or Campus Internship Coordinator, Tracy Collingwood.


Fredonia offers a broad range of environmentally focused courses and is actively working to increase the number of service learning courses on campus. Please visit the Go Green! website for a list of courses that focus on environmental or sustainability issues, or visit the Service Learning Highlights page for past examples of service learning courses.

Trayless Tuesday student project Student herb garden

Honors students promoting a Trayless Tuesday event (left) and planting a campus herb garden (right).



Consider joining the the Fredonia chapter of the Sierra Club, one of the many environmental or social justice clubs listed on the Student Affairs website, a campus sustainability subcommittee, or a local, sustainability focused community group.

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