Service-learning highlights at Fredonia

Service-learning Highlights at Fredonia

Fredonia classrooms are increasingly integrating exciting service components that both enhance student learning and provide crucial benefits to the community; in turn, community partners lend their experience and expertise to enhancing the Fredonia educational experience. Here are just a few recent highlights in service-learning across the campus and community.


Math Ed 301, 302, 303: Math for School Teachers Sequence, offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer

Professor Rebecca Conti

In these courses, Professor Conti's pre-service teachers experience the foundational topics in Mathematics and consider the challenges of teaching these topics in today's elementary and middle schools. The courses feature up to four varieties of opportunities for students to interact in a mathematical setting with local elementary and middle school children.

BIOL 400: Undergraduate Research

Professor Theodore Lee

ted's class, 1 teds class 2

Students doing undergraduate research in Dr. Lee's lab have been involved in determining the sources of Escherichia coli bacteria in the Lake Erie beach waters in Dunkirk, NY. Students isolate E. coli from the beach waters and purify DNA so that can prepare and analyze genetic fingerprints from the bacteria.

BIOL 450/550: Tropical Biology

Professor Jonathan Titus

titus in cr

Students were exposed to the structure and function of tropical systems, the pressing environmental issues of the tropics, and Costa Rican culture and history. Students worked on four service projects while in Costa Rica. These were the repair of a steep path down to the creek and the repair of the orchid exhibit at Alberto Brenes Nature Reserve, the painting of a school house in the construction in Fortuna, and the potting up of several hundred seedlings for watershed reforestation and the outplanting of some of these seedlings in a watershed restoration project at Madre Verde, Palmares, Costa Rica.

BIOL 450/550: Local Natural History

Professor Jonathan Titus

titus s.l.

In this field class students visit local natural areas to investigate our natural history. Students conduct a field project and an in-depth research project when the field season ends. Students read both scientific papers and nature writers. The service project is the pulling of the non-native invasive honeysuckle from the College woodlot.

EDU 403: Teaching Science in Inclusive Educational Settings

Professor Michael Jabot, Curriculum & Instruction

Students in this course studied the impact of inquiry-based science instruction on student learning in science. The students conducted a series of "Science Nights" at Elementary schools across the region using this methodology.

ENGL 350: American Literary Landmarks

Professor Emily E. VanDette, Department of English

big read

Students in this course studied major works of American Literature and applied their research discoveries to designing library exhibits for 15 regional public libraries and 3 public high school libraries. Their exhibits contributed to the libraries’ participation in the NEA program, The Big Read, which aims to enhance community participation in reading and appreciating classic literature.

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