Civic Connections

Fredonia offers a rich and varied selection of opportunities for learning about and practicing civic engagement across departments and disciplines, on and off campus, as part of existing and developing campus community partnerships. The descriptions and links below are just some of the possibilities available for faculty, students, staff, and community members interested and involved in the broad mission of civic engagement. The FACE Center seeks your input and participation as we develop a coherent, interdisciplinary, and active campus community collaboration on civic engagement. Please take a moment to share existing or proposed courses, internship opportunities, service learning projects, and promising community partnerships by contacting Tracy Collingwood, Director of Engagement and Career Development.

Course Possibilities

As an interdisciplinary commitment to civic engagement extends across our campus, we look forward to a consistent and coherent program of civic course offerings. Existing course opportunities at Fredonia for students interested in civic engagement include the American Studies major with a concentration in Democracy and Civic Engagement. The Department of Politics and International Affairs affords students an opportunity to blend coursework focused on civic participation and engagement with internship opportunities for civic organizations and institutions locally and nationally, as well as study abroad. Across campus, from the Department of Communication to the School of Music, whether Environmental Sciences or the School of Business, students are provided opportunities to apply course learning, projects, and activities to civic involvement and engagement. Thus we encourage students and faculty to consider how to integrate a successful program of study and coursework with a commitment to related civic contribution and engagement.

Internship Opportunities

There are numerous local, statewide, and national internship possibilities with a civic focus available to students. We encourage interested students and faculty to contact their respective department, school, or program internship coordinator to learn more about how to work with civic organizations, groups, and agencies while earning Fredonia academic credit. For example, internships are available for Fredonia students through the Washington D.C. semester program. The Department of Politics and International Affairs also arranges for local internships for students ranging from public law matters and civic concerns to working with city government and the county legislature, as well as possibilities working for state officeholders, governmental and non-governmental organizations. The FACE civic resource page has links to promising internship opportunities for civic engagement, while the Fredonia Career Development Office (CDO) provides a critical resource for faculty and students to identity and arrange for internship opportunities with a civic focus. The CDO coordinates the campus-wide internship program. Furthermore, we encourage interested faculty, staff, students, community members and organizations to contact FACE about internship possibilities as we continue to expand and consolidate our listing of internship possibilities with civic groups, institutions, and agencies.

Service Learning and Civic Engagement

There are existing and emerging prospects in service learning that integrate the theoretical, research, and practical aspects of civic engagement. Numerous courses across the college and discipline lend themselves to structured reflection of community and public service projects and activities, some of which have already been highlighted in campus community discussion. The FACE Center continues to facilitate and compile service learning projects and resources in which civic projects and partnerships are central to integrated objectives of broad and diverse civic engagement, and we encourage your participation.

Civic Partnerships

From the Chautauqua County League of Women Voters to Chautauqua County government and the Village of Fredonia, we are establishing local and regional ties with civic organizations and institutions. Please visit our list of community partners to identity civic connections as we continue to strengthen ties to local and regional civic efforts. We look forward to expanding and deepening our civic collaborations and opportunities in the areas of service learning, internships, community-based research, civic projects and activities. To do so, FACE hopes to meet with many of our potential partners in the community and requests related information on your organization's needs and interests by contacting Tracy Collingwood, Director of Engagement and Career Development.

Student Groups, Organizations, and Activities

There are diverse and numerous opportunities for Fredonia students to engage civic life on and off campus. Most departments have student clubs and associations with many engaged in civic projects and efforts, through community service activities and as an integrated component of the course or program learning experience. There are diverse civic opportunities available through Student Association groups, and many of these groups have worked together and helped to coordinate activities and events listed throughout the FACE site. For example, student groups including College Democrats, College Republicans, the Black Student Union, Latinos Unidos, Pride Alliance, the Politics and International Affairs Association, Applied Communication Association, and the Environmental Affairs Club, teamed up on youth voter registration and turnout, issue awareness and policy forums, as part of a very successful civic campaign that earned Fredonia a top spot in the SUNY Rock the Vote competition and honorable mention in the nationwide Campus Votes Challenge. And student groups were mobilized again as part of the SUNY Vote campaign. Many student groups have also contributed to the success of Earth Week and are playing a critical role in the planning and implementation of the spring semester Sustainability Series and Earth Week, an example of how FACE initiatives of sustainability, service learning, and community-based research complement and facilitate civic engagement.


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