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4th Credit Option for Service-Learning!

Find out how it works, check out our list of community partners, and download a Service-Learning Contract to begin planning a one-credit service-learning project to add to a course!

Did you know?

Fredonia is an active participant in the All-In Challenge.

Learn more about the American Democracy Project.

Fredonia has signed the United Nations Sustainability Declaration.

Earth Week has been a celebrated event at Fredonia for many years. This tradition will continue in 2017 with various events being held by faculty, staff, and students.


FACE Center accepting applications for the FACE Fellows program

Please complete this brief application if you would like to apply to the program.  Fellows will be required to demonstrate the support of their department chair or supervisor to participate in the program with this signature form.

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Direct questions to or call 673-3758 for further information about the FACE Fellows program.

Application deadline: September 26, 2016



Our Mission  

The Fredonia Academic Community Engagement (FACE) center promotes campus and community collaboration in the areas of civic engagement, sustainability, service learning, and community-based research.

Civic engagement involves the development and application of knowledge and skills through political and non-political processes by active citizens contributing to community and civic life.

Sustainability addresses how best to mitigate the ecological impact of our growth, activities and services across our campus, our community, our nation, and our world while improving on environmental performance and solutions.

Service learning integrates course instruction with community service to encourage civic learning and responsibility, to enrich academic inquiry, and as a bridge between campus and community.

Community-based research involves faculty research and collaboration with regard to identified community needs and expertise, facilitating results and relevance as part of a campus community partnership.

We believe that these objectives are interconnected yet important initiatives in their own right in which specific solutions are attached to broader concerns. Sustainable growth requires engaged citizens while sustainable goals stimulate civic engagement. Civic projects, environmental activities, economic, cultural, and social concerns in the surrounding area provide numerous service learning and research opportunities. Faculty, student, and community collaboration across college courses and the region will play a key role in dynamic civic engagement, sustainable ideas and community-based research efforts.

As each aspect of FACE develops, it strengthens the center’s overarching mission to facilitate related programs, activities, discussion, and visibility. We continue to seek new and innovative campus community connections, and are confident that this FACE of SUNY will help meet unique opportunities and challenges across our campus community and region. We welcome your contribution and participation in this effort. Please contact our FACE staff with any questions or input.


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