Graduate Program Streams

The division of our courses into three streams is part of what makes our graduate programs in English at Fredonia distinctive. This framework allows our students to customize their studies in ways that utilize our faculty expertise and advance the learning outcomes of our program.

TEXTS stream:

This stream offers the opportunity for students to study in-depth textual production in a variety of forms from various regions and/or time periods. Individual courses could include a focus on a particular writer’s oeuvre, or a particular genre (for example, silent film, non-fiction essay, the Bildungsroman, psychoanalysis) and the retracing of any significant developments therein.

CONTEXTS stream:

This stream engages the multiple contexts in which texts are produced and received at particular moments in time. It promotes the study of the effects of such issues as globalization, institutionalization, class relations, gender, and race on the production and reception of texts. Individual courses could include, but are not restricted to, the study of particular movements and the presentation of a variety of methods, including cultural studies, interdisciplinary studies, historical approaches, pedagogical and rhetorical practices.

THEORIES stream:

Courses in this stream will provide opportunities for students to illuminate the underlying conceptual logics that govern texts and textual analysis. Theories of writing, critical theory, pedagogical theory, literary theory are all possible contributions to this stream, through which students will further develop their critical thinking process, their deeper sense of the history of the discipline of English, and their understanding of literature, language, teaching, and culture.


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