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We believe that students' conscious reflection upon their own learning can deepen and expand that learning. As students look back upon the items they have contributed to their portfolio regularly throughout their tenure as English/English Education majors, they have an opportunity to contemplate their own intellectual growth and understanding.

Keeping the above in mind, the English Department has chosen to use student portfolios to assess its program strengths and weaknesses. The primary purpose of the portfolio is to assess whether the Department is achieving the following three goals:

  1. That students read attentively, closely, and critically;
  2. That students write thoughtfully, coherently, and persuasively;
  3. That students develop and challenge their own thinking through scholarly research.
  4. Candidates seeking initial and permanent/professional certification will also meet NCTE standards for the preparation of teachers of English Language Arts.


All English majors are therefore required to submit for their portfolios one paper each semester during which they are English majors and taking an English class. The only qualifications are the following:

  1. At least one paper must involve research;
  2. Papers must be at least two pages long, but longer papers are preferable.

The final portfolio paper will be the exit paper, a paper in which the students look at our goals and discuss their careers as English majors in terms of those goals. The exit paper will be written during the semester that the student takes Senior Seminar (ENGL 400) or Seminar for Teachers of English (ENED 450). Whether the paper will be part of the Seminar syllabus is up to the instructor. Students will take ENGL 401, Portfolio Completion, while they are in ENGL 400 or ENED 450. Students who have not (except for the exit paper) completed their portfolios will be prohibited from enrolling in ENGL 401.

Students, please keep a copy of these Guidelines and the Portfolio Checklist for your own consultation. Advisors will place a copy of the signed checklist in the student’s advising file and update it each semester as the student turns in work.

Required for students who declare the major from Fall 2004-Spring 2016.


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