English Department Internships

How To Apply

1. Student locates a site agency (on or off campus) to engage in an internship (variable credit available 1-3 credits): do this the semester PRIOR to the internship semester!

  • Keep in mind that 40 hours of work = 1 credit hour; thus a 3-credit internship works out to approximately 8 hours of work per week
  • When choosing a site agency, consider how the internship will support your studies/career path
  • Keep in mind that English majors may count up to 6 credits of internship and/or independent study toward program requirements; English minors and Writing minors may only count 3 credits of internship toward program requirements

2. Obtain a copy of the Learning Contract from the Career Development Office and also a copy of the English Department internship contract

3. Schedule a meeting with your Site Supervisor to determine the “job duties” portion of the Learning Contract and obtain his/her signature on the CDO Learning Contract.

4. Schedule a meeting with your Academic Advisor to discuss the “educational objectives” portion of the Learning Contract and obtain his/her signature on the English Department contract.

5. Schedule a meeting with the English Department's Associate Chair, who will give the student the department's set of standard evaluation criteria, which should be added to the Learning Contract, and obtain his/her signature on both the Department Contract and the CDO Learning Contract. While you’re in the English Department office, obtain the Department Chair’s signature on the Department contract.

6. Take your completed and signed paperwork to the English Department Secretary, who will give the computer override allowing the student to add the course. (If necessary, she will give the student an Add slip for the registrar as well.)

7. Take the completed Learning Contract to the CDO Internship Coordinator, Jennifer Wilkins

8. Register for the internship with the appropriate number of credits you’ve signed up for. All internships are graded S/U and will not be factored in your cumulative GPA.

Direct questions to the English Department Associate Chair, Dr. Natalie Gerber!


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