Quick Reference Guides

Use the following guides as a supplement to attending ANGEL training workshops. Each guide contains information on how to complete a specific task. If you are looking for something that isn't here please submit a request to https://fredquest.fredonia.edu/, choose ANGEL from the Request Type menu.

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ANGEL Guides

Instructor Quickstart Guide

Student Quickstart Guide

Instructor Reference Manual

HTML Editor Reference Guide

ePortfolio Guide

New to ANGEL

Student Organizations



ANGEL Basics

Uploading a File

Text or Video

Linking to YouTube

Adding the Oral Presentation Skills Nugget

Insert a Link

Sending Mail

Merge ANGEL Courses

ANGEL Mobile

Downloading and Supporting the mobile app


Copying the Gradebook

Hiding the Gradebook

Backing Up the Gradebook

Importing Excel Grades



Assessments, Rubrics, and Surveys

Converting a Quiz to an Assessment

Assessment Creation

Survey Basics

Survey Preparation

Creating a with a Thank You Page

Retrieving Data After Completion

Copying written questions into Assessments or Surveys

Extended Time


Rubric Creation

Creating Specialty Courses and Groups

Creating a Group

Learning Object Repositories

Master Courses

ANGEL Maintenance

Backing Up an ANGEL Course or Group

Setting Course Begin and End Dates

Limiting Course Access

Maintenance for Courses

Copy a Course


ANGEL Actions

Accessing Public Forums

Creating a Drop Box

Drop Box Naming Conventions

Importing Content Items

Importing Links

Open Enrollment

Managing Content Permissions

Edit Home Page

Live Chat and Live Office Hours

Suggestions for ANGEL

Popups in IE 7

Converting Sounds to MP3


File Size and File Sharing

Sharing Office 2007 Files

Inserting Powerpoint Slides as Images

Reducing File Size in Office Files

File Size Management

PowerPoint Slides to PDF Handouts


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