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Current Faculty & Staff

All Economics faculty members hold advanced degrees in a variety of specializations listed below. We take pride in being a professionally active department, engaged in activities such as research, writing, presentations, consultation, curriculum development and service both on and off campus. The department takes seriously its commitment to providing excellence in teaching, open access to faculty for consultation beyond the classroom, competent effective advising and a collegial atmosphere for learning.

Full-time Faculty


Dr. Marwan M. El Nasser 
Ohio State University, Ph.D.


Dr. Robert Kane
Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University, Ph.D.
Dr. Amar Parai Dr. Amar K. Parai
Southern Methodist University, Ph.D.
Dr. Peter Reinelt Dr. Peter Reinelt
Department Chair, Associate Professor

University California-Berkeley, Ph.D.
Dr. Adam Coo

Univeristy at Buffalo, Ph.D.

Part-time Faculty  
Gary Bennett

Fredonia, B.S. - Economics
University of Buffalo, Masters in Urban Planning
Jennifer Cameron

George Washington University, MBA
John Stone

Pennsylvania State University Erie, MBA
Emeriti Faculty  
Dr. William H. Foeller
Professor Emeritus
Iowa State University, Ph.D.
Labor Economics and Public Policy
Dr. John A. Hansen, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Department of Economics
State University of New York at Fredonia


Dr. Dennis L. Hefner
Professor Emeritus
Washington State University, Ph.D.


Department Secretary  
Kellie Sacilowski
Department Secretary

Department of Economics

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