Faculty, Dr. Michael P. Wilson

Dr. Michael P. Wilson, professor emeritus (retired)

Michael Wilson (Ph.D. Syracuse Univ., 1981) is interested in teaching and research regarding water resources, landscape, engineering geology, geophysics, and remote sensing. Dr. Wilson has secured student internships with many governmental agencies and private consultants. Wilson is advisor to the student operated Fredonia Geophysical Society.

Dr. Wilson teaches freshman-level courses in physical geology (GEO 165 - Geology I; GEO 169 - General Geology Lab). Geology I includes discussions by and with students about geologic science relationships to resources, government, industry, religion, journalism, law and culture while stressing the chemical and mechanical behavior of the Earth.

Dr. Wilson also offers upper-level courses on an annual basis (GEO 330 - Geomorphology; GEO 335 - Geophysics; GEO 450 - Hydrogeology) all of which involve writing two to four illustrated reports. Through hands-on instrumented field trips and analysis of air photos, drill cores, etc., he teaches hazards assessment, water supply evaluation, calculation of contaminant movement, and evaluation of landscape history, to name a few examples. Dr. Wilson also contributes lectures and portions of courses to the college minor in Geographic Information Systems, and the major in Environmental Science.

Dr. Wilson's recent research publications include a final report on surface water parasites entering drinking water in wells. Also, a final report on the Chautauqua Lake watershed, including land use, hydrology, chemistry and biology is now complete. The report includes a holistic environmental chemical budget which shows sources of chlorides and phosphorus and the environmental redistribution of these chemicals.

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