Alumni Information

Chris Cahill, '93
Current Position: Professor at George Washington University.

Charles Lake, '89
Current Position: Professor at Indiana University of Pa.

Dave Larson, '70
Current Position: Head of Ground Water Division for the state of Illinois.

Ray Levy
Current Position: Head of Energy Research, Utah and Professor at University of Utah.

Gary Weir, '75
Current Position: Works with petroleum companies selling internationally to places
like Columbia and South America.
Geographic Information Systems
Laurie Serrett Hayes, '98
Current Position: Senior GIS engineer at TomTom. From 2007 to 2011, Hayes worked for
TomTom as a GIS Analyst and Senior Analyst, respectively. She worked for ESRI from
2006-2007 as a Transportation Industry Coordinator and for the NYS Department of
Transportation from 2001 to 2006 as a Technical Specialist. In 2000, Hayes was the
recipient of prestigious internship with the U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole Coastal
and Marine Science Center. She earned her Masters of Arts in Geography with
specialization in GIS at SUNY Buffalo.

Katie Boyle, '10
Current Position: Geophysicist at Southwestern Energy of Houston, Texas.

Marty Terrell
Current Position: Head of Seismic Data Acquisition for Exxon-Mobil having previously been
Head of African and Indian Ocean exploration for Exxon.

Sarah Stryker Vitale
Current Position: Oceanography and Hydrology Ph.D. candidate in Natural Resources at the
University of Connecticut.



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