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Spring Event 2015


spring speakerEach Spring semester, The Council for Women's Concerns sponsors a Speaker Event related to women's concerns.





Emergency Planning and Response

The 2014 spring event was titled "Emergency Planning and Response" and was presented by Ann Burns, Chief of Police at Fredonia and Sally Turner, Ed.D, Director of Counseling at Fredonia. The workshop addressed Fredonia’s Emergency planning procedures, as well as what faculty and staff should do in the event of a range of emergency situations.



Fit, Well and Working

The 2013 spring event was "Fit, Well and Working" by Penny Hite, Chair of the Sport Management & Exercise Science department at Fredonia.

Working women are finding it increasing difficult to "have it all." We want to be care-givers, responsible mothers, respected partners, as well as productive and consequential employees. Deadlines, demanding bosses, "mother-guilt" and impossible schedules fill our working lives, while play-dates, soccer practices, dance and music lessons, taxi-driving, creative finances, homework, counseling, dinner menus, grocery shopping, spiritual pursuits, house-keeping, laundry, and – in many cases – the "work" we did not finish at "work" fill our (so-called) free time. These duties often stand at the fore for the working woman as she strives to have it all; unfortunately, fitness and wellness – arguably the most important aspects – are often the last to be considered when creating a workable blueprint for success. This presentation will focus on helping working women incorporate fitness, nutrition and wellness into their busy lifestyles, allowing them to truly have it all.


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Holistic Medicine for Women by Aaron Smith, N.D.

In the Spring 2012, the event was "Natural Hormone Support Throughout the Lifespan" by Aaron Smith, N.D. and Fredonia alumnus. His presentation focused on a variety of medical issues that women face. He included ways to better yourself and your body, citing specific diet regimens, herbs, and exercise. For a complete list of what was included in his presentation, please download the powerpoint below.


spring speaker 2012 spring speaker 2012

Click here to download the powerpoint presentation.

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