BIOGRAPHY - Kenneth Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Kenneth MillerDr. Kenneth Miller, professor of biology at Brown University will present a talk on the public debate on evolution, science and religion. Dr. Miller has written a book,Finding Darwin's God: A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution, on evolution, religion and intelligent design.

  • He has written extensively on the subject of evolution and science (his website lists several articles).
  • To hear him speak on the subject, watch his interview on the Colbert Report).

Dr. Miller was an expert witness in the Dover, Pennsylvania court case on whether intelligent design was a religious belief or a scientific concept. To quote Dr. Miller on the verdict in this case (the judge ruled that intelligent design is not a scientific theory).

"Placing science and religion in opposition to each other, as a mandate to teach ID inevitably would, dishonors both science and religion, and would require young people to make the false choice of rejecting their faith to accept science, or turning their backs on modern science to maintain their faith."
~ Kenneth Miller (

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