“The Just-In-Time Professor”

New House Education and the Workforce Committee report highlights the plight of Adjunct Professors.  This document marks the first time Congress has so formally acknowledged a situation that adjunct activists have long deemed exploitative.

Doing High Ed Right

Increasing education funding! Hiring full-time professors! Are these places for real? 

"Instead of bemoaning various and sundry injustices, (Slate columnist, Rebecca Schuman)... highlight(s) two tiny, shining beacons in what is otherwise a fetid, drying sea, one a-bob with cannibal-rat-infested ghost ships."

Adjuncts on NPR

NPR program on Adjunct Faculty

by Howard Smead

This hour-long discussion on the Diane Rems Show on Adjunct Faculty is well worth listening to. Maria Misto of the New Faculty Majority is one of the panelists.    Click on Listen

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