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Articles and Interviews:

"Collective Bargaining, Shared Governance, and Academic Freedom: Creating Policies for Full-Time, Non-Tenure-Track Faculty at the University of Delaware"
~The American Association of University Professors publishes the Journal of Academic Freedom. This article by Gerald Turkel explains how "the interplay of unions powers, academic freedom principles, professional norms in the faculty senate, and actions by administrators combined to establish policies that provide significant academic freedom protections and employment security for full-time, non-tenure track faculty members." Vol. 8. 2017.

"Universities Take Steps to Improve Working Conditions for Adjuncts"
~The Chronical of Higher Education published an article by Nell Gluckman that reports on Penn State and others' attempt to create viable career paths for non-tenure track faculty. Apr. 2017.

"Professional Insecurity in a Fraught Environment"
~Inside Higher Ed published this article by Robert Samuels that brings attention to the dangers of having non-tenure-track faculty, new faculty majority in the U.S., rely on getting high student evaluations in order to keep their jobs or earn pay increases. "The emphasis on pleasing students not only can result in grade inflation and defensive teaching, but it also places the teacher in an impossible situation when dealing with political issues in a polarized environment." The author recommends a peer-review process. Apr. 2017.

"Just Wait Until I Get Tenure"
~CounterPunch published this article by Michael Yates that encourages everyone to advocate for positive change, now. Do not assume advocating will get easier or even happen when or if, in the future, you find yourself in a more stable position. Apr. 2017.

"The Great Shame of Our Profession: How the Humanities Survive on Exploitation"
~The Chronicle of Higher Education published this article by Kevin Birmingham that skillfully describes the exploitation of adjuncts in academia and how it affects everyone, not just the adjuncts. Feb. 2017.

Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity: Labor and Action in English Composition
~Various authors of this free, online book address five threads: strategies for self-advocacy; organizing within and across ranks; professionalizing in complex contexts; working for local changes to workload, pay, and material conditions; and protecting gains. Feb. 2017.

"Long-Awaited DOL Guidance Issued on Adjuncts’ Right to Unemployment Insurance"
~New Faculty Majority has published a statement regarding the new U.S. Dept. of Labor guidance that clarifies to state agencies how to understand adjunct employment and our right to unemployment insurance under the law. Dec. 2016.

U.S. Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Program Letter No. 5-17
~The U.S. Dept. of Labor revisited adjunct/contingent labor in higher education, and clarified the terms "contract" and "reasonable assurance [of employment]," two issues that have historically made qualifying for UI difficult. While the whole document is interesting, pages 4-10 are particularly important. Dec. 2016.

"True Stories From the Educated Underclass"
~Gawker published this article by Hamilton Nolan that offers a collective glimpse into what it is like to be a contingent/adjunct. This is one of several articles Nolan has contributed from 2013-2016 to Gawker regarding the lives of contingent/adjuncts. Apr. 2016.

"Organizing for Equity," "The U.S. of Adjuncts," "Helping Adjuncts with Student Debt," and "How to be an Ally"
~Various authors for NEA Higher Education Advocate, all articles published in Vol. 33, No. 4. Sept. 2015.

"Why the Backlash Against Adjuncts is an Indictment of the Tenure System"
~PBS Newshour published an article by Denise Cummins that "is in part an acknowledgement from full professors of just how meaningless the tenure division is; they know their adjunct peers are just as qualified to be sitting in their offices as they are. Aug. 2014.

"The Growing Reliance On Adjunct Professors"
~Guest host, Susan Page, leads the group discussion, as heard on The Diana Rehm Show. Apr. 2014.

"Part-Time Professors Demand Higher Pay; Will Colleges Listen?"
~Interview by Claudio Sanchez, heard on NPR's All Things Considered. Feb. 2014.

"Doing Higher Ed Right: Increasing education funding! Hiring full-time professors! Are these places for real?"
~Rebecca Schuman for Feb. 2014.

"The Just-In-Time Professor: A Staff Report Summarizing eForum Responses on the Working Conditions of Contingent Faculty in Higher Education"
~House Committee on Education and the Workforce Democratic Staff. Jan. 2014.

"Congress Takes Note: A new report on the impact of adjunct labor marks a new level of interest in Washington about the changing nature of the higher education workforce."
~Colleen Flaherty for Jan. 2014.

Academic Workforce Advocacy Kit from the Modern Language Association


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