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Welcome to the Contingent Faculty Webpage!

Dear Contingent Faculty Members,

The Contingent Faculty Committee and Senators listed below welcome and thank you for visiting this page. We are here to help you, so please take advantage of the information provided in each tab, and feel free to email a representative with questions you may have. This site is under construction, so please feel free to email suggestions to the webmaster. Consider this site a collective effort; it is as helpful as we make it.

  • Resources provides SUNY Fredonia documents, websites, and award opportunites that help you become part of Fredonia.

  • Services provides SUNY Fredonia websites and email addresses that address potential everyday needs. 

  • Advocacy provides literature from around the nation that advocates for contingents/adjuncts.

  • UUP provides literature from your union, United University Professions, that advocates for all of its constituents, including contingents/adjuncts.

  • Spotlight provides an accumulating list of contingent faculty success stories. We inspire and motivate each other, and we would like to celebrate your professional successes as a contingent faculty member. Please email your success to the webmaster, and it will be added! 

Contingent Faculty Committee:

       Anne Fearman, Chair

       Rodney Garrison, Senate Liaison & Webmaster

       Fred Harrington

       Kim Weborg-Benson

       Nancy Boynton, Tenured Faculty Seat

Contingent Senators:

       Cynthia Carlson: (Education-2017)

       Greg Catalano: (Athletics-2016)

       Anne Fearman: (Liberal Arts & Sciences-2016) 

       Rodney Garrison: (Visual & Performing Arts-2017)

Contingent Faculty Contacts:

General Inquiries: Anne Fearman
Website Inquiries: Rodney Garrison