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ConFac Committee:

Rodney Garrison,
Chair & Webmaster

Susan McGee
Senate Liaison

Fred Harrington

Kim Weborg-Benson

Anne Fearman

Brian Boisvert,
Tenured Faculty Seat

University Senators:

Anne Fearman (Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Amber Powell (Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Susan McGee (Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Andrew Martin Smith (Visual & Performing Arts)

Welcome to the Contingent Faculty Webpage!

Dear Contingent Faculty Members,

       The Contingent Faculty (ConFac) Committee and Senators welcome and thank you for visiting. Take advantage of the information provided in each tab, and feel free to email any representative with any questions you may have. We need your participation in order to thrive! Please consider contacting any representative to discover how you can become involved, and stay tuned to emailed updates regarding contingent faculty affairs.

  • Resources provides SUNY Fredonia websites, documents, contact information, and award opportunites.

  • Advocacy provides literature from around the nation that advocates for contingent/adjunct needs.

  • UUP provides literature from your union, United University Professions, that advocates for all of its constituents, including contingents/adjuncts.

  • Data provides surveys, congratulations, and newsletters that pertain to Fredonia's contingents/adjuncts.

Oct. 2017: The Fredonia University Senate passed a ConFac resolution to invite other SUNY institutions to petition the SUNY University Faculty Senate to create three separate subcategories for the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching—one award for tenure-stream faculty, one award for full-time contingent faculty, and one award for part-time contingent faculty—with criteria tailored to promote fair competition within each appointment type. As it currently stands, full-time contingent faculty must compete with tenure-stream faculty for the same award. 

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