Jared Leto and Brent McConnell

Communincation major Brent McConnell (right) with musician and actor Jared Leto at the GRAMMYs during McConnell's internship.  Read his story in this excerpt from The Channel department newsletter written by fellow student Kelley Smith ('10) . . 

Internships are important for students in order to gain real world experience while in college. The benefits are numerous. They offer:

  • an opportunity to develop and learn new skills
  • job experience for a resume
  • experience in a career field to help students decide whether they have made the right choice
  • a possible job upon graduation
  • contacts and networking possibilities
  • a chance to earn college credit or sometimes a salary
  • confidence in applied skills

Students can elect to do internships during the academic year or summer. The Department of Communication has close associations with a variety of media organizations in Western and Central New York, including:

  • radio and TV stations
  • newspapers and magazines
  • advertising agencies
  • public relations firms
  • organizations with "in house" public relations departments
  • audio and video production companies
  • athletic teams

Internships are evaluated based on the learning objectives students establish with the faculty sponsor and the job requirements established with the organization offering the internship. The faculty sponsor will provide additional requirements to promote learning and to keep up to date on students' progress. Students are required to submit a biweekly journal during their internship and a portfolio of work at the end of the internship. In addition, the sponsoring organization will submit mid-term and final evaluations of students' performance.

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