Communication Studies

Communication Studies

Our major: The broad discipline of communication examines how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media (National Communication Association, 2015). Within the discipline, the Communication Studies major stresses critical thinking and how reality is created, maintained, or challenged through our communication practices. In Communication Studies, we engage our students in the processes of communication by emphasizing effective participation in the personal, professional, and public areas of human interaction. Our efforts coalesce around the goals of fostering students to be analytical, engaged, ethical, problem solving, proficient, and inclusive (

Our courses: The Communication Studies major offers courses that study the role of communication in a variety of contexts including interpersonal relationships, organizations, and cultural and political systems. Our intimate, interactive classes are limited to just 25 students, creating supportive, engaging learning environments. In these settings, students and faculty form one-on-one relationships that advance students’ abilities to understand and apply theories and skills related to communication performance, message construction, and communication analysis and evaluation. Communication Studies professors incorporate collaborative learning and experiential teaching practices that further challenge students to apply communication theory, research, and practices to real world experiences.

Our graduates: Students majoring in Communication Studies choose from an exciting range of career paths. As a result of studying the role that communication plays in various contexts, our graduates are prepared to become communication specialists in business, civic, or governmental settings. For instance, graduates can become corporate trainers, hospital administrators, personnel recruiters, political campaign directors, legislative assistants, pharmaceutical reps, and the list goes on! Additionally, students often choose to pursue graduate or professional studies in a number of areas including student personnel services, business, education, law, leadership training, and communication.

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