Student Complaint Process

Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences Student Complaint Process
(Revised January, 2013)

The student complaint process is as follows:

  1. The initial complaint should be directed to the instructor or Department Chair.
    • Consultation with the instructor is encouraged as a primary resolution tactic.
    • The complaint can be resolved by that instructor or further directed to the Chair.
    • The complaint will be heard and action will be taken directly to resolve the conflict / problem. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the student may be encouraged to attempt resolution with the instructor.
    • If the student complains to an instructor regarding another instructor, then the student will be encouraged to take the information to the Chair.
  2. The instructor or Chair will document the student’s name, nature of complaint and date of initial contact on a complaint log and follow-up with the instructor on resolution. Depending on the complaint, resolution should be within two weeks of date of initial complaint.
  3. The Chair will consult with the Clinic Director regarding a complaint about a clinical supervisor.
  4. If the complaint is not resolved at the instructor level then the instructor forwards the problem to the Chair. The student may proceed to the Chair for resolution.
  5. If the solution is not deemed acceptable to the student, then the student may chose to continue the complaint process to the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences. This further action is notated on the log as to the resolution at the departmental level.
  6. If the complaint is in regard to the Chair of the department, then the student may convene a committee to facilitate resolution.
  7. The student may choose to ask a fellow student to attend any of the above meetings regarding the problem.
  8. The Chair will collect and review complaint logs yearly, determine the effectiveness of the procedure, and request the department make revisions when necessary.
  9. Students are referred to the university policies regarding a grade appeal, discrimination and harassment, and academic integrity.

American Speech and Hearing Association Procedures for Complaints Against Graduate Education Programs:

A complaint about any accredited program or program in candidacy status may be submitted by any student, instructional staff member, speech-language pathologist, audiologist and/or member of the public.



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