Strategic Planning

Long Term Strategic Plan

The faculty and staff of the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences are dedicated to developing, monitoring, and assessing all components of our program. A long-term strategic plan is monitored on an annual basis, meeting the 2017 Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) 1.5 standard. A strategic planning meeting is in the spring semester or as needed to discuss the implementation of targeted goals and needs for the successful continuing growth of the department’s academic and clinical components. The strategic plan is available to the graduate students in the orientation handbook. Alumni and other parties may view the strategic plan on the department’s web site.

Faculty Lines

A successful hire for Assistant Professor 2015-2016 ongoing
A Clinic Supervisor permanent line 2014 completed

Clinic and Department Space Development

Obtained new space 2013
Graduate Student Study Lounge refurbished 2014 initiated; 2015 completed
Clinic rooms refurbished (paint/carpet) 2014 completed
Clinic Library Room (CLR) 2014 completed
Develop a larger therapy room with video camera 2014 completed
Kitchen space refurbishing 2016 ongoing
Storage Room(s) organization 2016 ongoing
Clinic room transfer to office space with windows 2015 researching
Preschool play space options 2014, 2015 researching
Reed Library update CDS text books 2014 ongoing
Department classroom technology 2014 ongoing
Develop an ALD consult room 2016 researching
Instrumentation Instruction Room 2016 researching


Clinic: IPADs and Boardmaker 2015 completed
Clinic room computers 2016 ongoing
ITAB cycle 2014-2015 2015 completed
EMR client record keeping  
SALT software for UG and G programs 2016 researching

Go Green

CDS Archive Document Center 2016 researching
Clinic Student Drop Box 2016 researching


Intro to CDS course for spring Freshman Spring 2015 completed
Cultural diversity instruction Spring 2014 initiated; 2016 ongoing
Develop Online UG Prerequisite course offerings  
Restructure Freshmen Seminar Course 2016 researching
Senior Undergraduate Seminar Courses 2014 Fall initiated; ongoing
American Accents Seminar 2014 initiated; 2015 completed
Simucase in academic and clinical instruction 2015 ongoing
Community Out Reach possibilities  

Youngerman Center Clinic

Develop Additional Support Groups  
YC updated brochure 2016 initiated
FastForWard Therapy 2016 researching
Develop tuition-fee assistance plan 2016
Electronic 3rd Party Claim Submission 2015 completed

Revise Mission Statements

Department mission statement 2014 completed
Youngerman Clinic 2014 completed
CDS Student Association 2015 completed

Professional Development

Sponsor Annual ASHA CEU Conference 2014; 2016; ongoing
Online CEU offerings 2016 researching

Student Recruitment

Provide Graduate Student Open House 2015; 2016
CDSCAS application process  
Produce a CDS website educational recruitment video 2016 researching

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