Assisted Listening Devices

Hearing services provided by the Youngerman Clinic The Youngerman Clinic offers a full line of hearing aids and assistive listening devices including analog, programmable and digital instruments available in all sizes.

Analog hearing aids utilize conventional circuitry to amplify and filter sound. Analog hearing aids provide good sound quality and reliable performance. They work well in most environments but are limited when it comes to use in background noise. The primary adjustment that the user can make is the volume only.

Programmable hearing aids utilize analog circuitry but add a computer circuit to the hearing aid. This allows the audiologist to communicate with the hearing aid through a computer interface to adjust the hearing aid response more precisely to the user's hearing loss. Programmable hearing aids can also be ordered with additional memories that allow the users to adjust not only the volume but also the tone of the hearing aid. This helps in the reduction of background noise. The different memories are accessed through the use of a button on the face of the hearing aid or a hand held remote control.

Digital hearing aids utilize a digital signal processor to process speech and environmental sound. This digital processing improves the quality of speech especially in the presence of background noise. Digital hearing aids also do this without traditional volume controls. They automatically adjust to each sound environment thereby negating the need for a volume control. Remote controls are also an option with some digital hearing aids.

All hearing aids sold through the Youngerman Center are dispensed on a 45-day trial basis. During the trial period, the user will meet with the dispensing audiologist on a regular basis to address any issues that might arise. A fitting fee is charged for all returned hearing aids (to cover nonreimbursable expenses).

All hearing aids come a 2-year guarantee against manufacturers defects and a 1-year loss and damage warranty. Additional extended warranties are available.

Earmolds, all make hearing aid repair, batteries and supplies are also available.

Assistive Listening Devices

A full line of assistive listening devices are available including:
  • Amplified telephones and handsets
  • Television devices
  • Alerting devices
  • Closed captioning systems
  • Tinnitus maskers


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