Central Auditory Processing Test


An audiologist will test the peripheral hearing of the referred client and then administer several tests that measure processing skills. Clients referred for this evaluation usually display weak reading/spelling or reading comprehension skills, frequently require repetition of directions, display an intolerance to noise, are hyperactive and inattentive, usually misunderstand the auditory message, respond to auditory information either in a slow or quick manner, and often act as if there is a hearing loss. For more information, contact Dr. Kim Tillery at (716) 673-3203.

The test battery for auditory processing disorders includes a minimum of three or four standardized tests that provide competing auditory information. Such a test battery is provided after the client receives a routine hearing test. The total test time is about 40 to 60 minutes, followed by a 30 minute counseling session. Parents are encouraged to be present during the administration of these tests in order to witness the child's strengths or weak processing abilities.

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