Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing software professors can use for a variety of purposes such as virtually teach a class or hold meetings. Below you will find instructions on how to get started. Answers to more questions can be found on the FAQs page. If your students have questions they can find answers on the Student Guide page.

Adding a Session in ANGEL Audio Configuration  Download and Convert a Recording

Adding an Collaborate Session in ANGEL

Locating the Collaborate nugget in ANGEL.

  1. Login to ANGEL and enter the course to add an Elluminate session to.
  2. Click on the Communicate tab and locate the Collaborate nugget.
  3. Hover over the Elluminate nugget title bar, and click the pencil icon that appears.
  4. Click Add session.

There are four tabs for the settings in Elluminate. The mandatory fields are located on the Session tab and are marked with a red asterisk.

Session Tab

  1. Session Name: Add a logical name for your session
  2. Start Date: Enter a Start Date and Time, remembering to choose AM or PM for the time.
  3. End Date: Enter an End Date and Time, remembering to choose AM or PM for the time.
  4. Repeat Session: If the session will repeat, click in the Repeat Session box. Choose how often you wish to repeat the session from the drop down menu.
    1. If your session is repeating add a date in the Until field.
    2. Save To Calendar: Click this box to post your session(s) on the course calendar (recommended).
    3. Create: Click on Create to save your settings.

Session Access Tab (recommended)

  1. Early Session Access Time: In order for participants to be able to have time to start up Elluminate and run the Audio Test it is recommended that you open the room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

Moderators & Participants Tab

  1. Restrict Participants: The default setting is that all users appearing in the roster are Elluminate participants. If this session is restricted to only a few members, check the Restrict Participants box.
    1. In the Available Participants box select the student(s) you wish to add to the session. Press the add arrow to add them as either Moderators or Participants. The student's name will appear in the appropriate box.
  2. All Moderators: The default setting is that anyone listed as a Course or Group Editor will have moderator privileges. If you want all participants to have moderator rights, select the All Moderators box.

Session Attributes

  1. Recording Mode: Select one of the following from the drop down menu.
    1. Disabled: The session will not record.
    2. Automatic: The session will begin recording as soon as a participant enters the room
    3. Manual: The session will begin recording when the record button is selected by a moderator.
  2. Maximum Simultaneous Talkers: The default setting is 1, but it is recommend to set this to 2. You may have up to 6 simultaneous talkers.
  3. Supervised: Click this box if you wish for the session to be supervised (i.e. student chat is monitored).
  4. All Permissions: Click this box to enable all permissions settings for participants. This includes access to the chat room, whiteboard, microphone, webcam, and application share.
  5. Raise Hand on Entry: This will have a hand next to each participant as they enter and show the order in which they entered.

After the settings are complete, press Create. You will then be given the option to send an email to the course with the Collaborate session information in it.

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Audio Configuration

To configure the audio settings for your Collaborate session before class, please use the Audio Configuration Room.

  1. Login to ANGEL.
  2. Click on your course.
  3. Click on the Lessons Tab (Instructors, Click on the Content Tab).
  4. Click on Collaborate Configuration Room.
    1. If you cannot find the link in your course, Click hereConfiguration room.
  5. You will be sent to the Knowledge Base page.
  6. In Step 2, click on the Configuration Room Live link.

Download the Configuration Room in the same manner as you download your Collaborate session (See Accessing an Collaborate Session in ANGEL).

  1. In the upper left-hand side of the window, click on the Tools Tab).
  2. Select Audio, from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on Audio Setup Wizard.
  4. The Select Audio Output Device box will open.
  5. Select your audio output device.
  6. Click OK.
  7. The Speaker Setup box will open.
  8. Click Play.
  9. A recording will Play.
  10. Use the slider to select the appropriate volume.
    1. speaker display should be mostly in the green zone.
  11. The Speaker Setup Confirmation Box will open.
    1. Click Yes, if you are happy with the sound quality of your speakers.
    2. Click no, to repeat the configuration process.
  12. The Select Audio Input Device box will open.
  13. Select your audio input device.
  14. Click OK.
  15. The Microphone Setup box will open.
  16. Click Record.
  17. Talk in a normal speaking voice.
  18. Use the slider to select the appropriate volume.
    1. microphone display should be mostly in the green zone.
  19. The Microphone Playback box will open.
  20. Click Play.
  21. Listen to the recording for quality.
  22. Click stop.
  23. The Microphone Setup Confirmation Box will open.
    1. Click Yes, if you are happy with the sound quality of your microphone sound.
    2. Click no, to repeat the configuration process.
  24. The Setup Complete box will appear.
  25. Click OK.

You may also configure your Audio settings at any time during your Collaborate session by following steps 1-25 above.

*Please reference Audio Configuration for more information

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