Office of the Dean: Christine Givner, Ph.D.


Christine Givner, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor

Office: 704 Maytum Hall Phone: (716)673-3311


Dr. Givner has extensive experience in the areas of the education of students with emotional/behavior disorders and learning disabilities and the use of technology to facilitate the learning of students with disabilities, with gifts and talents, or at-risk for academic failure. She is the Dean of the College of Education at the State University of New York at Fredonia. She has particular interest and expertise concerning the following issues:
a) establishing successful learning environments in inclusive, heterogeneous classroom
b) formal, informal, and authentic assessment
c) change and innovation in schools
d) collaboration and consultation in schools
e) the instruction of students with mild/moderate disabilities or at-risk for academic failure
f) the use of teacher research to facilitate greater teacher reflection.

Teaching Interests

  • Curriculum/Instructional Adaptations for Heterogeneous Schooling
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Distance Learning in Teacher Education
  • Services and Schooling for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Difficulties, Learning Disabilities, or Gifts/Talents
  • Innovation in Schools
  • The Integration of Technology into the Curriculum
  • Research Methodologies (Applied Behavior Analysis, Qualitative/Action
  • Research, Quantitative/Group Subjects Designs/Parametric Statistics)

Research Interests

  • “Professional Competencies Required by Educators in Inclusive Schools”
  • “Distance Education in Teacher Education”
  • “The Recruitment and Retention of CLD Teacher Candidates in Teacher Education Programs”
  • “Mentoring New Faculty in Comprehensive Universities”
  • “Evidence-based Practices in Teacher Education: A Policy Analysis”

Recent Publications

  • Givner, C. C., & Brodwin, M. G. (2010). Learning disabilities. In M. G. Brodwin, F. Tellez, & S. K. Brodwin (Eds.), Medical, psychosocial, and vocational aspects of disabilities (3rd ed.). Athens, GA: Elliott & Fitzpatrick, Inc.
  • Smith, D. D., Pion, G., Skow, K., Tyler, N., Yzquierdo, Z., Givner, C. C., & Brown, J. (2005, September). IRIS Center for faculty enhancements: On-line course enhancement modules and materials for use in the preparation of educational professionals. New Horizons for Learning. Retrieved September 26, 2005 from
  • Falvey, M. A., & Givner, C. C. (2005). What is an inclusive school? In R. Villa & J. S. Thousand (Eds.), Creating an inclusive school (3rd ed.). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum.
  • Lane, K. L., Pierson, M. R., & Givner, C. C. (2004). Secondary teachers' views on social competence: Skills essential for success. Journal of Special Education, 38(3), 174-186.
  • Lane, K. L., Givner, C. C., & Pierson, M. R. (2004). Teacher expectation of student behavior: Social skills necessary for success in elementary classrooms. Journal of Special Education. 38(2), 104-110.
  • Dingle, M., Falvey, M. A., Givner, C., & Haager, D. (2004). Essential special and general education teacher competencies for preparing teachers for inclusive settings. Issues in Teacher Education. 13(1), 35-50.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Special Education August, 1987 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

College of Education, Office of the Dean

705 Maytum Hall
State University of New York at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
(716) 673-3311
(716) 673-3794 fax