Initial Teacher Preparation Programs: Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Overview and Description of Program
The Early Childhood Education program prepares teacher candidates to work with children ages 0-8 years. Graduates become certified in New York State to teach children from Birth-Grade 2. The Early Childhood program prepares candidates to understand the specific nature of the unique education needs of young children, how young children learn and develop and how that differs from older children. They are prepared to link and apply knowledge of child development content and teaching strategies to match young children’s ways of learning.

As part of our teacher preparation program, teacher candidates complete a series of four field-based experiences in local schools. Each field experience is taught in conjunction with a required educational course to clearly connect educational theory and practice. Candidates spend a minimum of four hours per week for approximately eight weeks in a classroom working as instructional assistants. Each of these field experiences are highly structured, well supervised, and intended to provide multiple opportunities for teacher candidates to plan, instruct, reflect, and respond with students in general education classroom settings. Early Childhood Education majors also complete Introduction to Early Childhood and Integrated Methods for Early Childhood, which are both field-based courses specifically designed in an Early Childhood Education setting.

Early Childhood Education Sample Four-Year Degree Plan

Graduates from our program...

  • are working with young children in a variety of settings including public school primary grades, kindergartens, pre-kindergartens, private elementary schools, charter schools, child care centers, Head Start classrooms, and special education.
  • are employed through the region and across the nation.
  • are becoming leaders in the field through their association with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (at the local, state and national levels) including presenting at national and regional conferences.

Program Requirements


Entering Fall 2014 and After: Early Childhood Education Program Advising Sheet
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