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Dr. Sherri Mason Plastic Pollution ResearchDr. Sherri Mason's Great Lakes plastics pollution research has led to legislative change in Illinois, in addition to proposals in New York, Ohio and California! See her groundbreaking work profiled by Al Jazeera and Bloomberg Businessweek.>>

Cassidy BensonMeet Cassidy Benson, a senior Chemistry major who has already been accepted into a Ph.D. program next fall. She's wanted to be a scientist since 6th grade -- and Fredonia has helped make those dreams come true!

Fredonia offers 15 different scholarships exclusively to Chemistry majors! Find out if you're a good fit with any of them here.

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Read all about Fredonia's new, 92,000-square-foot, $60 million Science Center -- now open!


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is pleased to have moved to the new, $60 million Fredonia Science Center. We have a wonderful department whose strengths include outstanding teaching and mentoring, in addition to planet-changing research which students play a critical role in as early as their freshmen year. Undergraduate research opportunities are the hallmark of every Fredonia science education!

"Since leaving Fredonia, I finished my 3-2 Co-op engineering program over the next three semesters at UB (The University at Buffalo). When heading up to UB, I was concerned that everything would be more difficult at 'the research university'. I'm glad to tell you, I was mistaken. Fredonia's chemistry program was definitely more rigorous than my time at UB. The entire chemistry faculty should be proud of Fredonia's program."

- Alumnus Larry Heverley (B.S., Chemistry, 2006)


New Fredonia Science Center

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