Academic Program Review

Academic departments at Fredonia are required to complete a comprehensive review of their programs every five years; click here to view the schedule. As noted in the State University of New York at Fredonia Guide for Periodic Evaluation of Academic Programs:

"Fredonia is committed to providing excellence in education. To this end, the Faculty, both as individual educators and corporately as members of departments/schools, is continually evaluating their programs as part of an ongoing review of their effectiveness in delivering the best educational opportunities for our students. As an integral part of this process, each department/school takes the opportunity every five years to reflect on the current state of its programs. In cooperation with Administration, and with the aid of colleagues from other, sister institutions, the department/school assesses the strengths and challenges of its programs, and engages in long-term planning on their future. Together with Administration, they formulate an action plan designed to improve program effectiveness, with the commitment of the necessary resources as budgetary constraints will allow, and in congruence with University strategic planning. A summary report of the findings and actions of this periodic review is presented to the University Senate."

Many resources are available to departments throughout this process, including:
1. The aforementioned Guide for Periodic Evaluation of Academic Programs
2. College Administration
3. Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment (IRPA) staff

Program Review Data Requests
A list of data to be included in the review information is provided in the guide, and much of the requested data is readily available to departments. To help facilitate the process of acquiring needed data, IRPA has created a "Data Available to Departments from IRPA" document that outlines the data that is already available to departments as well as data that can be requested through a FREDquest. Please note that this document details data available from IRPA; there may be other offices on campus that have data that is needed for reviews. As such, all requests for additional data should be submitted through the FREDquest platform in order to be directed to the correct office or department on campus.

Campus Assessment

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