Liberal Arts & Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series

Detours on the Information Highway

November 2nd, 2016

 Noon- 1pm

Williams Center, S204ABC

Changing Technology and the Impact on Teaching and Learning.

Michael Jabot, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

There might never have been a time when technologies have been more "disruptive" to education and learning than we are now experiencing. This presentation will quickly share how this disruption may be shaping how our students view their learning and our teaching.

Lisa Melohusky, Online Learning Coordinator  

When considering the way technology has changed teaching and learning, online courses and programs would be identified by many as one of the most significant changes. Incoming students have had the opportunity to experience different forms of online learning prior to attending college. This portion of the presentation will look at how this impacts courses at Fredonia, including face-to-face courses.

Guangyu Tan, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

What now?: From trendy technology to obsolete. In this presentation, I will use personal experience with clickers and a flip camera to talk about how technology can change from trendy to obsolete in a short period of time. I will involve audience to discuss how we can prepare students for future technology use. What are the key skills do we need to equip our students with?


The 2016-17 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series will focus on Detours on the Information Highway. The series offers monthly, informal talks by Fredonia faculty members. Each 30-minute presentation is followed by a brief discussion and refreshments. 

The talks are free and open to all campus and community members.  Classes are also welcome.  The lectures are held in the Williams Center, Room S204, and run from noon to 1 p.m.  

This year's series is directed by Jack Croxton, Psychology; Mike Dunham, Physics; Scott Medler, Biology; Roslin Smith, Communication and Ivani Vassoler-Froelich, Politics and International Affairs.

The series gratefully acknowledges the support of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Joseph A Karafa, and FSA funding for our refreshments. 

Wherever your interests may lie, there's a Brown Bag for you. 

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NOVEMBER 2nd SESSION  - Changing Technology and the Impact on Teaching and Learning.  

  • The panel will discuss how technology has affected the manner in which students learn and how this has impacted the relationship between teacher and student.
  • Clearing the road for us with opening remarks, is Dr. Jack Croxton - Professor, Psychology Department, SUNY





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