Liberal Arts & Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series

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October 3rd

Free Speech and Political Correctness

Noon - 1pm

Williams Center Rooms S204ABCD

Opening remarks by Dr. Jack Croxton

The 2017-18 College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series will focus on the theme of Conflicts: Causes and Consequences The series offers monthly, informal talks by Fredonia faculty members and guest speakers. A brief discussion and refreshments follow each 20-minute presentation.

The talks are free and open to all campus and community members. Classes are also welcome. Lectures are held in the Williams Center, Room S204, and run from noon to 1 p.m.

This year's series is directed by Jack Croxton, Psychology; Mike Dunham, Physics; Scott Medler, Biology; Michael Scialdone, CSIT; Roslin Smith, Communication and Ivani Vassoler-Froelich, Politics and International Affairs.

The series gratefully acknowledges the support of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Joseph A Karafa, and FSA funding for our refreshments.

We also thank the Carnahan-Jackson Humanities Fund for additional financial support.


Wherever your interests may lie, there's a Brown Bag for YOU.


October 3rd - Free Speech and Political Correctness

November 7th - International Conflicts

December 5th - Science in the Age of Alternative Facts

March 6th- Conflicts and Consequences during the Creative Process

April 3rd  - Student Panel, Trolling Online

May 1st  -  Policing in the 21st Century


Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization

Liberal Arts & Sciences Brown Bag Lecture Series

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