History: How Did We Get Here?

The notion of developing a set of campus-wide learning outcomes, or baccalaureate goals, is not a new one. Many conversations have taken place on our campus in the past few years regarding this idea, mostly in the context of the General Education program (currently known as the CCC). Here is a list of the key steps taken in this process, as outlined in the General Education Forum held in August 2011, led by Andrea Zevenbergen (Chair of the General Education Committee):

2007: CCC Idea Fest Discussion was held to answer five questions, including "What should a Fredonia graduate look like?" and "How does the CCC fit with what a Fredonia graduate should look like?"

2008-2010: During this time period, there was a renewed enthusiasm for rethinking the General Education program at Fredonia. Some of this stemmed from the revised SUNY-mandated gen ed requirements, which allowed for more flexibility at the individual campus level. Additionally, during the Middle States re-accreditation review, their team noted that enhancements could be made to our existing program to make it a stronger experience for students.

Fall 2010: A General Education Ad-Hoc Review Committee, led by Cindy Bird and Michael Grady, dedicated time to exploring potential revisions to our General Education program and developed a list of recommendations. Additionally, they also collected information from campus constituents in order to draft an initial list of answers to the question "What should a Fredonia graduate know and be able to do?" Their list included the following: write clearly, think clearly and creatively, communicate orally effectively, information literacy, scientific and mathematical literacy, read critically, have interdisciplinary knowledge, awareness of and respect for global diversity, and social consciousness.

Spring and Summer 2011: Several groups of faculty, staff, and administration attended three different national conferences in order to learn more about how other campuses are re-shaping their general education program and to help determine the next course of action for our campus.

Fall 2011: As a result of the developing on-campus discussions and the information gleaned from the national conferences, President Hefner appointed and set forth a charge to the Task Force to develop a set of proposed baccalaureate goals that provide a framework for student learning not only for General Education, but also for academic and co-curricular programs.

Jeanette McVicker, Chair

Task Force on Baccalaureate Goals

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