About the Task Force

Guiding Principles of the Task Force

The work of the Task Force on Baccalaureate Goals is guided by the following principles:

  • Soliciting campus-wide input and sharing feedback in timely ways that allow for genuine consultation
  • Moving the campus conversation forward by demonstrably building on many previous campus-wide discussions about these issues even when "baccalaureate goals" wasn't the overt focus, and helping the campus see these connections as linked to our present task
  • Ensuring that the conversation doesn't slip into a limited focus on general education revision alone or get stalled in terms of process
  • Ensuring that the campus understands that this is a multi-year process that will be phased in
  • Ensuring that the entire campus understands that it is mutually engaged in and responsible for successful implementation of this effort -- a shared initiative known and supported by all

Original Task Force Charge

In September 2011, Dr. Dennis Hefner, President of Fredonia, appointed a Task Force on Baccalaureate Goals. As noted by Dr. Hefner:

Over the past year, the campus has been engaged in discussions regarding possible revisions to the General Education program. National conferences related to bachelor's-level general education highlight the need to identify first a set of baccalaureate goals for a campus, which then serve as an anchor for a General Education program as well as all other aspects of campus learning (e.g., learning which occurs in the majors, co-curricular activities). What knowledge and skills do we want Fredonia students to acquire before they graduate?

The Fredonia Task Force on Baccalaureate Goals is charged with the following:

  • To develop and execute a process for engaging the campus in providing input regarding baccalaureate goals for the campus.
  • To present information to the University Senate at the December 5 meeting regarding the current progress of the Task Force.
  • To provide President Hefner a set of 5-8 proposed university baccalaureate goals in December, 2011.
  • To lead discussion of the set of proposed baccalaureate goals at University Senate meetings in early 2012.

Members of the Task Force on Baccalaureate Goals

  • Jeanette McVicker, English (Chair)
  • Michael Jabot, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Todd Profitt, Theatre and Dance
  • Sherri Mason, Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Richard Reddy, Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
  • Juan De Urda, World Languages and Cultures
  • Marissa Cope, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
  • Gary Bice, Residence Life

Jeanette McVicker, Chair

Task Force on Baccalaureate Goals

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