Drawing & Painting

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Faculty member Alberto Rey with a student.

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The understanding and experience of drawing and painting is fundamental to the education of all art majors. Beginning drawing courses allow students to explore a wide range of materials, forms, and traditions as they develop an awareness of drawing as a basic organizer of thought, feelings and image making. The foundation of the program is structured in theoretical readings and in studio assignments that investigate color theory, form, mass, line and composition. Upper level drawing and painting courses stress the discovery of individual aesthetic choices and accessing the inner world of creative imagination and feeling as students explore their own artistic goals. All drawing and painting courses are organized to include technical and aesthetic information while allowing and encouraging students to create thoughtful and personally significant work.

Traditional and contemporary painting approaches are explored as are the multicultural and gender influences on contemporary society and art. Students will investigate and participate in the practices that are necessary to succeed in careers related to the visual arts.

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